GYBER Fremont Trunk-shape Portable Pizza Oven 13" Outdoor Wood, Charcoal & Pellets Pizza Maker
GYBER Fremont Trunk-shape Portable Pizza Oven 13" Outdoor Wood, Charcoal & Pellets Pizza Maker

GYBER Fremont Trunk-shape Portable Pizza Oven 13" Outdoor Wood, Charcoal & Pellets Pizza Maker

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Brand: GYBER
Model#: Fremont
Gross Weight: 40Kg
Net Weight: 38kg
Measurement (cm): 15.75*33.46*31.5
Materials: Stainless steel 

About this item

【PORTABLE DESIGN】Being lightweight as well as has a portable design, you can take Fremont anywhere outdoors easily.

【SPECIAL TASTE FROM SMOKY WOOD】Using hardwood pellet as fuel, the smoky flavor from the wood adds special taste and fragrance that can’t be found in conventional ovens to your dishes.

【HIGH TEMPERATURE & FAST COOKING】 With temperature reaching 900 degrees Fahrenheit/ 482 degrees Celsius and higher, Fremont allows the pizza completely cooked and ready to eat within 3-4 minutes.

【MULTIPLE USES】By using accessories included in Fremont, you can make not only pizza but also steaks, fish, sausage, lamb chops, chicken wings, vegetables and so on, just don’t limit your imagination!

【EASILY DETACHED & WASHED】 Chimney pipe, oven body, door, handle, firebox, and pizza stone are all detachable, after cooking you can easily detach Fremont and wash components separately.

Product Description

Tired of frozen pizza and longing to make yourself homemade unique pizza? Desiring to enjoy a piece of great pizza outdoors? Fremont is your best choice. With Fremont, you can make a great wood-fired pizza of any kind of flavors on your own without dealing with a heavy stone or complicated system. This portable pellet pizza oven weighs only 33 lbs. thus you can take it easily outdoors anywhere such as backyards, parks, mountains, beach and so much more! Thanks to being fueled directly by fire, it only takes 10 minutes to heat up the cooker and 3-4 minutes to cook the pizza perfectly---delicacies needn’t to be waited long.


Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven – Designed to be used with wood pellets, this pizza oven and outdoor grill lets you create crisp, tasty, cheesy pizza your entire family will love.

Multipurpose Cooker – Along with pizza this double-layered oven comes with accessories to make steaks, fish, lamp chops, burgers, salmon, and so much more.

Rapid, Even Heating – Being capable of heating up to 900°F in minutes, our air intake system helps cook food efficiently on the top, bottom and throughout for better taste.

Food-Grade Safe Stainless Steel – Lightweight, durable, and perfect for cooking all types of foods, this wood pellet oven is safe, easy to use, and even easier to clean.

Fueled by Wood Pellets – This small oven can be filled with flavored pellets or wood chips to create a rich, smoky flavor; perfect for chicken, beef, or pepperoni pizza.

This wood-fired pizza maker requires minimal assembly and it can quickly come apart for easy cleaning, storage, or for taking it with you for outdoor cooking events.

Carton Includes: Cooking Pizza Oven Grill x 1pc /Removable Door with Handle x 1pc /Grease Pan x1pc /Grill handle*1pc /Pizza spade*1pc

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   9 reviews
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